Maintenance outsourcing can have negative results due to many variances. Often it is because someone feels they did not get what they paid for. They leave the communication for the technician to work out with the customer because Customer Service Reps do not know their accounts. We do not wait for you to tell us you’re unhappy. We know what happens in our shops and we know the productivity of our staff.

  • If you do choose outsource maintenance you will find that we are the best.
  • Outsource the entire staff of your maintenance technicians to Flicker Enterprises.
  • Trained and qualified technicians that follow a well-planned program.
  • No overtime rates ever.
  • No sick leave or vacation time for you to manage.
  • Clean and organized maintenance areas.
  • Time and material bidding.
  • Compliancy in safety and government regulations.

Flicker Enterprises will help you measure it so you can manage it.

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