Why Choose Us

Customer Service

  • We understand you have multiple choices to buy good software.
  • Our service goes beyond talk. We are operators and we know there is a need.
  • The day you implement your CMMS is the day your able to measure and manage maintenance.
  • Training that gets you up to speed in weeks not years.
  • We are built for long term relationships through service and trust.
  • If you have a management change your system doesn’t suffer.
  • We offer options OEM competitors would never offer.


  • 30 years industry experience.
  • More than 20 years of setting up CMMS (Computer Maintenance Management Systems).
  • Owned and managed all of operations for outsourcing company, with over 35 technicians nationwide for companies who prefer outsourcing.
  • Every Customer has unique needs and requirements. Understanding these and satisfying there explicit needs create value.


  • We know what they offer and what they lack.
  • We don’t hold you hostage after you have purchased any product.
  • They do not offer a program as customized and complete as ours.


  • We are not salesman by trade; we are operators that understand facility maintenance well.
  • Our experience in growing through the ranks, and we have sat on both sides of the desk.
  • Excellent communication skills from upper level management to the technicians doing the work.
  • Building relationships that last through our excellent service.

Flicker Enterprises will help you measure it so you can manage it.


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